kengkawan bLoggEr aku.......LovE yOu aLL.....

Sunday, August 26, 2012

wonderful night....


juz arrive from outing with my friends at kuantan....trying so hard for win in bowling game but still not enough...a lesson for today is i must get more practice, that mean i also need to find a good teacher for teach me how to play bowling....then, i can bit them...hahahahha...nothing to story, juz play2 with what i most remember during outing today....other lesson is, dont forget to snap one or two pic when you have wonderful night like that you can put the pic in your blog..

Friday, August 24, 2012

please, teach ur self to always be a grateful...


its close to azan maghrib, while waiting my turn to enter the bathroom..still chance to be here and  make a short entry...for what yea???...while i got a long pensive, i remember that one sentences that my friend mention to is "juz thinking the positive, when GOD give us test in our life, actualy GOD have prepare a lot of luck for us, then if GOD give big luck to us, thats mean GOD also prepare a lot of test in the future ", always be grateful with what happen to our life....because life is so shortly....

Thanks FIKRI, something good for my lesson today and next days..

its not too late..


hye everyone, its been along time not update something here...actualy so miss with my  blog...i have retired for a short time from here but now its time too continue my writing...after thinking what de idea how to i come back, there come out with i must write in english back to improve my vocab and so on....hahahaha, its look like funny when i writing in brokenessess english....but whatever la, more important is i can improve my englis..

to wish Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslimin and Muslimat over the world...

 this my whole family accept me coz i take the picture

 my cute nephew

 supporting dad and very2 caring mom

 my lovely oldest sister

matching black